Cata as Cata


I cook without a recipe.

I smile at people in the subway (it's a hobby).

Fashion designer in my closet.

My eyes tear up when it rains and when I yawn.

I can sleep on any surface,  (achievement: standing on the Tokyo subway).

I try to make myself cry with emotion once a week.

Cata as an Art Director

Society is advancing at a pace that advertising does not adapt to. I would like my work to be known for being irreverent, disruptive, and unfiltered. As an Art Director, I am unafraid of representing a reality absent of taboo or idealization.
Humans need more honest advertising. Now is the time to claim places that were never present before in this sector.




Cannes Lions / Shortlist - 'Cycle by Freda'

Gerety Awards Health / Gold - 'Cycle by Freda'

student AWARDS



Clio Health / Shortlist - 'Wellnex'

ADC The Young Ones / Silver  Cube - 'Too Sexy for UK'

ADC The Young Ones / Gold Cube - 'Her Street'

ADC The Young Ones / Silver Cube - 'Her Street'

ADC The Young Ones / Merit - 'Her Street'

ADC The Young Ones / Merit - 'Her Street'

Golden Award of Montreux / Gold Medal - 'Foodie'

Golden Award of Montreux / Finalist - 'Brick the Law'

Golden Award of Montreux / Finalist - 'Too Sexy for UK'


Clio Sports / Bronze - 'Wherever Together'

Clio Sports / Bronze - 'Lended Steps'

D&AD Future Impact / Pencil - 'Naked Books'

Ad Stars / Crystal on Design - 'Staying Alive'

Ad Stars / Shortlist Design - 'Support a Stranger'

Ad Stars / Shortlist Integrated Gender Equality - 'Too sexy for UK'


Ad Stars / Shortlist PSA Gender Equality - 'Too sexy for UK'

Ad Stars / Shortlist PSA Human Rights - 'Wherever Together'

Young Lions Live Award, Cannes Lions / Shortlist - ‘Foodie’

The Young Ones / Gold Pencil - 'Wherever Together'


ADC The Young Ones / Merit - 'Wellnex'

Golden Award of Montreux / Finalist - 'Wherever Together'

Círculo Creativo / Shortlist Glass - 'The Sounds of Domestic Violence'


Círculo Creativo / Shortlist Mobile - 'League of Fanatics'

​Círculo Creativo / Shortlist Digital - 'League of Fanatics'

​Círculo Creativo / Gold Award - 'Lended Steps'

​Círculo  Creativo / Bronze Award - 'Spoiler Alert'

It Hurts Us All / Gold - 'The Sounds of Domestic Violence'

It Hurts Us All / Atresmedia Special Zero Tolerance Award -

'The Sounds of Domestic Violence'

AMAPRO  / Silver Award - 'The coolest song'



Effie College / Silver Award - ​'Every Steps Matter'

El Ojo de Iberoamérica / Bronze Award -  'League of Creatives' 

El Ojo de Iberoamérica / Shortlist - 'LS Market'


AMAPRO  / Gold Award - 'League of Fanatics'


VMLY&R Commerce New York  -  Art Director

R/GA New York  -  Art Director Intern 

AKQA Tokyo  -  Art Director Intern

McCann Madrid  -  Art Director Intern

McCann Barcelona  -  Art Director Intern

Miami Ad School México  -  Admission Advisor

University of Vigo  -  Art Director Intern