too many women in art

The presence of female artists in museums is very small, if not nonexistent. Museums around the world show this every day. Although measures are already being taken, it is still not enough. That is why 'Too many women in art' was born, an illustrated book that changes the genre of the most famous sculptures and paintings in history. Because in order to solve a problem, first, you have to make it visible.


According to the Guerrilla Girls, less than four percent of the artists in the Modern Art section of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art are women.
ONLY  4%.

The Catalogue of paintings at the Louvre contains 1,400 artists, 21 of whom are women.
ONLY 21.

Of the total of 1,627 works exhibited at the Prado Museum - of which 1,160 are paintings -, there are only 6 made by women, according to the HuffPost Communication Area of the museum.

These are data from the 3 most visited museums in the world. Data that reflects the inequality of women in the arts world. All this, in spite of the fact that in most countries women represent more than 50% of the graduates in Arts and Humanities. 

To raise awareness of the situation of women artists I have decided to become one of them.

Catarina Barcala